– The simulacrum is addictive –


In the age of capsularized reality, of formats, of the nuclearization of living space, the bombardment of information and stimuli is constant and ever faster, shorter. Unable to process all this information (which replaces any fact, any reality, and which is the object of a new consumerism, a new fetishism), we are stimulated by desire in the absence of any affective pleasure. Addicted to this polymorphic dissatisfaction, we are sleepwalking automatons, insectivorous beings, victims of impulses and empty of sensitivity. Technology has become a prosthesis, an extension of our body, as well as a prison; a modern Platonic cave. The simulacrum is addictive and more appealing than reality. The infinite expansion and edition of oneself is the emblem of the new freedom: a dystopian version of the old longings for immortality. We lock ourselves in our cocoon of pixel radiation, where we die alive unable to turn off the lights of projected reality.

This proposal exposes the collision between impulse and sensitivity; false freedom and real freedom. Under the pretext of presenting the performer in a light cocoon, the new identity is questioned; the uniqueness of the new Platonic caverns; the dance of lights that constitutes the new blindness; the cables that make up the new chains.


”Angel Duran is a dancer with an unquestionable consistency and body resources”

Jordi Sora i Domenjó




Direction / interpretation: Àngel Duran

Musical composition: Alfred Tapscott

Lighting design: Xavi Moreno / Albert Coma

Hardware design: Xavi Moreno

Scenography design: Àngel Duran

Structure construction: Mecanitzats Roda de Ter/ Jordi Dorado

Costume design: Jorge Dutor, Txell Janot

Assistant director: Laura Alcalà

Choreographic advice: Mario García Saez

Dramaturgy advice: Roberto Fratini

Production support: ELCLIMAMOLA

Graphics: Joel B. García – Vectorwho

Video : Pep Duran

Illustration: David Granados

Co-production: Fira Tàrrega, Sismògraf Festival, Teatre l’Atlàntida de Vic

With the support of: L’Animal a l’Esquena, CAM – Roca Umbert, Teatre Ateneu Celrà, TLS Vic




With the support of: