Graduated in dance at SEAD (Salzburg, Austria) and in Art and Design at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Duran also trained as an actor between Madrid and Barcelona. He has worked for several European choreographers and companies, such as Anton Lachky Company (Brussels), Milla Koistinen (Berlin), Stephan Herwigh (Munich) or DOT504 (Prague).

At the same time, he has taught workshops and classes for formations and companies in Europe and America, collaborates with the NGO Gambeta and teaches community workshops aimed especially at teenagers.

Since 2020, Duran has developed his most personal creative project under the name ANGEL DURAN Performing Arts. His work focuses on the exploration of the human condition through the investigation of body language, with a clear commitment to the new dramaturgy. Influenced by philosophy, theater and cinematic language, Duran’s work navigates though the poetry of movement and emotional expression with the aim of connecting with the audience and inviting them into their particular imaginary.

The company’s productions have been shown in Europe, Canada and Latin America. He has received the MAX award and the prestigious Butaca award for the best male dance performer. He also has received the first prize at the Stuttgart’s International Solo Tanz Festival (Germany), the Sólodos en Danza contest prize (Spain), the international work prize at the Quartiers Danses Festival in Montreal (Canada) and a special mention at CORTOINDANZA in Cagliari (Italy).