“Men don’t touch, they hit”


· CLINCH  in boxing refers to the moment when the two fighters hug and lock each other until the referee separates them. It’s about getting as close to the opponent as possible to protect yourself from his attack.

CLINCH exposes the most toxic masculinity, established in the competition and the confrontation with everything different. Also the denial of feelings, except rage or anger, which must be demonstrated through the exercise of violence.

CLINCH is the outdoor adaptation of the COWARDS piece.



Direction and concept: Àngel Duran

Interpretation: Yeinner Chicas and Àngel Duran

OST: Joan Borràs

Costume: Paula Ventura

Lighting design: Elean Piscitilli

Executive production: ELCLIMAMOLA

With the support of Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, Festus Festival and Sólodos Costa Rica