“Man is not born, but made


· COWARDS, refers to the socio-cultural burden acquired in order to hide the true identity behind pre-established behaviors. This proposal exposes the dialectic, usually toxic, and the captivity of male behavior.

COWARDS questions the mandates of contemporary masculinity and how men feel challenged by other men to publicly confirm their manhood and identity. It refers to cowardice as a dishonor, like men’s inability to express their doubts or fears, to avoid confirming their fragility. It is the denial of feelings, which are a territory attributed to the feminine, in order not to refute this manliness, except for rage or anger, which must be demonstrated through the exercise of violence and which is the only valid feeling , the only applauded, acclaimed and admired, for traditional masculinity.





Direction and concept: Àngel Duran

Interpretation: Yeinner Chicas and Àngel Duran

OST: Joan Borràs

Scenographic design: Adrià Pina

Costume: Paula Ventura

Lighting design: Xavi Moreno

Content advice: Roberto Fratini

Executive production: ELCLIMAMOLA

With the support of: l’Estruch Sabadell, SóLODOS Costa Rica, Teatre Cirvianum, Teatre l’Ateneu de Celrà,

Teatre Sagarra, Roca Umbert, TLS Vic and CC Sagrada Família.


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